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Brandy Roberts has been  a  personal  friend  for  many years.  He is very talented
in his field  and I would highly recommend Brandy for any upcoming  performances
he may encounter.

    - Jerry Lee Lewis

"Listeners Annual Rockabilly Awards" awarded Brandy Roberts "The Entertainer of
the Year Award"  for best rockabilly CD of  winter and spring 1998 / 1999.  Also best
new rockabilly entertainer 1998 / 1999 presented on March 23, 1999.

    - KICK FM Community Radio

Brandy has chosen a mix of up-front rock 'n' roll and country ballads, and some of
the numbers are quite breathtaking.   "Boogie Child," in which  Brandy  acknowledges
his debt  to  Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Fats Domino and Jerry Lee Lewis, is as fine a
piece of boogie woogie rock 'n' roll that I've heard in a long time.

    - Chris Woodford: "Now Dig This" Magazine

Brandy Roberts makes no doubt who his idol is with this release. He rolls and he
hammers just like The Killer himself. "Boogie Child," written by Roberts, sounds
like it was out of a vault of early Jerry Lee songs.

     - Texas Jamboree Magazine

Brandy Roberts, from Shreveport LA , is Jerry Lee Lewis through and through.  Like so many of us, Brandy was smitten at an early age and from then on that's how he wanted to play.  Not that rock n roll or boogie-woogie is Brandy's only talent.  Previous CDs have shown Brandy to be a fine country singer but as far as this latest CD is concerned it's Jerry Lee practically all the way.  Chuck Berry's 'Nadine' lends itself easily to the style as do the Mickey Gilley numbers 'Object Of My Affection' and 'Dont The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time', which both end up being more Jerry Lee than Mickey Gilley.

With just a minimal backing group Brandy's voice and piano are very much to the fore.  Words and music come across loud and clear.  Brandy must have loved making this CD.  In the terms of playing like Jerry, this is as good as it gets.

    - Chris Woodford

Brandy Roberts' fourth album, 'Rocking My 88's' features Jerry Lee, Mickey Gilley, Charlie Rich, and Chuck Berry numbers with fourteen songs!  Fans of rockabilly will dig this CD.

Boogie Woogie Country Man - It follows true to the Jerry Lee version with good vocal and piano.
Nadine - Good to hear Brandy rockin' the Chuck Berry hit.  He does it justice.  Great chorus.  I've always liked the song.
Mexicali Rose - reprising a song from his first CD, this is good but not as powerful as original.
You Win Again - you're gonna love it...beautiful piano licks and chorus.  Brandy has a strong voice and every word is clear.  Hank would have proud.
Down the Line - more melodic and bouncey beat, done Brandy style and not like Lewis version.
Me and Bobby McGee - once again, his own take on the Kristofferson song.  Not on par with Jerry's great version because it's his own update. Misses the piano solos from Lewis' version.
Don't Touch Me - pretty ballad sung sweetly and with conviction on the oldie.
Object of My Affection - doesn't stray far from the up-tempo Gilley rocker.  This song is suited to Brandy's rockabilly 50's style.
Aonther Place, Another Time - contains a beautiful piano/guitar solo.
Great Balls of Fire - although he did this on a previous CD, this new version is slightly different but it still mystifies me wht Brandy thought it needed a re-do. No improvement here.
Behind Closed Doors - the Charlie Rich ballad features spot on piano licks and great vocals.
Matchbox - far superior version to the cut Brandy had originally on his first CD.  The guitar and piano work are stunning, and great backing.
Who Will the Next Fool Be - Brandy goes rhythm 'n' blues on the old Charlie Rich blues ballad.
Don't the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time - he rocks out with a driving Gilley rocker.  Fans of the Killer or rockabilly will really enjoy this album.

    - Paul MacPhail    [Fireball Magazine]

"Brandy outshines (Carl ) Mann and Ol' Gene (Autry) at this track.  I have never (repeat NEVER) heard this song done any better by anyone in any walk of music.  "And that's a guaranteed fact"...writes Paul MacPhail [Fireball Magazine, Holland]
about Brandy Roberts' version of Mexicalli Rose.

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